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Episode #10 - Authentic Bucket Lists & Fuck It Lists

March 18, 2020

Oh damn! Would you look at that? We've bloody well gone and made it to 10 whole episodes! If you're still listening, I mean firstly, why? But also, thanks! We truly do love your support. 

Today, Tom and Stu discuss bucket lists as well as the little known phenomenon of fuck it lists. We're considering questions such as:

- Is a bucket list just a fun goal to strive for or is it just another example of our consumerist, acquisitionist culture?

- Bucket lists are usually very individualistic & competitive, is that how they should be?

- Has Instagram culture made them more prevalent? 

- Are people just living in the future, always looking for the next thing to tick off?

Stu takes the podcast down a slightly weird path, when he asks Tom about his thoughts on literal bucket lists. 

Then we bring it back for some laughs about Fuck It lists (link in the Further Reading section below).

Fuck it #1: I don’t worry about how others perceive me.

Fuck it # 2: I’m going to give back to my community as much as I can, even if it is at my own expense.

Fuck it # 3: Nothing or nobody else is in control of my feelings except me.

Fuck it # 4: I’m brave enough to ask the big questions in life before having a mid-life existential crisis.

Fuck it # 5: Laughter is going to be my default response to both the good and bad things that happen in life.

Fuck it # 6: I’m going to have compassion for all people, regardless if they’re behaving poorly or not.

Fuck it # 7: Nothing is going to get in my way of building quality relationships with my family and friends.

Fuck it # 8: Becoming my more genuine self is always my first priority.

“I think everyone should have a Bucket List or a “To Experience” list. Here’s why:

Bucket lists make you stop and think what you actually want to experience in this lifetime.

Bucket lists remind you that life is short and we should live it to its fullest.

Bucket lists increase our happiness because they give us both hope and curiosity (2 essential ingredients for happiness).” - Bucket List: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Bucket List Right Now 

Further Reading:

12 Things That Aren't on Your Bucket List (But Should Be) 

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This isn’t a Bucket List, it’s a F*ck It List.

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