Tom, Stu & You Podcast

Episode #12 - Pondering the Corona Hangover

April 1, 2020

Today we’re pondering the upcoming ‘hangover,’ society might be experiencing once the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic settles down as well as some of the amazing benefits that might be able to come of it. 


Key Message: Now is the time to realign our priorities


  • How it’s affecting life in Canada and in the UK

  • Protecting the vulnerable and why that’s an important mind shift for society

  • Realigning our priorities

  • Self-isolating - key workers, nurses, the clap on Thursday night is nice but it isn’t enough. It’s tantamount to “thoughts and prayers” after a mass shooting in the US.

  • Essential workers aren’t who we thought they were, they need our continued support

  • Veganism/environment and the Coronavirus

  • This is our chance to re-evaluate our lives and how we might improve it when business as usual returns

  • Our new normal won’t be the same as it was before

  • Working from home (benefits and the new normal)

  • Capitalism and Coronavirus

  • Where we go from here


Further Reading/Watching

Live Statistics

Coronavirus & Past Pandemics


After the Pandemic

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