Tom, Stu & You Podcast

Episode #14 - Build Your QuaranTEAM with Renzy

April 15, 2020

It's Episode #14 and we're discussing how to stay healthy at home with an incredible friend of ours, Renzy! We're living history right now, and it's importance to realize the toll that takes on our mental and physical well-being. Being fit and healthy equals how happy your are with yourself, so put down the phone, stop watching Instagram workout stories, and maybe just have a bit of a dance to T-Swift! 



Key messages: People need structure, keep fighting the Venom within you, find your community


Just a few of the topics we're covering in today's chat:


- Burger crawls

- Gym community

- Fighting the Venom within you

- Working out at home

- Breaking down barriers

- Importance of mental health to your physical health

- Find your style of fitness fun

- Set yourself up for success by building the routines now

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