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Episode #15 - The First Great Digital Pub with Cammy

April 20, 2020

Episode #15 and we've decided to try something new by inviting Adam Camm (Cammy) along for our first ever episode of Digital Pub. Cammy is a long-time, best mate of Tom, so we couldn't think of anyone better to crack open a beer with, and get to know what he think on a whole range of topics. 

With both us both now having a bit more time on our hands, Tom being on furlough, and Stu being unemployed (he likes to say Justin Trudeau and him are friends with benefits lol), we're going to try releasing two episodes a week! One episode each week will be a digital pub chat with a guest, while the other is just a conversation between Tom and Stu. There is still plenty we can't wait to talk about, and we hope you enjoy the new guest episodes as much as you're still loving (we hope) the chats between the two amazing hosts. 

Key Message: having a physical location as a basis for community is important; the future is uncertain but daily life doesn't have to be; stay connected with mates even after self-isolation restrictions are relaxed

Here is a couple of the topics we touched on in our pub chat with Cammy:

- importance of physical pubs

- nostalgia

- government's handling of the coronavirus pandemic

- humanity and long-term thinking

- leveling the playing field

- universal basic income

- getting vulnerable with yourself and with your mates

If you'd like to be a part of the community we're building, we'd love for you to reach out to us at with any topics you'd like us to discuss, if you'd like to be a guest or if you know anyone that would, but also, let us know what you think of the different topics we're discussing each week. It's easy for a podcast to remain a very unidirectional conversation, but we'd like to make it as inclusive as we possibly can. We hope you are all staying happy, healthy and home. We love each and every one of you! 

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