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Episode #16 - Why A Culture Of Individualism Might Ruin Our Chance For A Future

April 23, 2020

It’s episode #16 and originally we thought we should focus this episode on individualism but there are plenty of positives to individualism, I didn’t want people thinking we were against the philosophical, political or psychological definition of the word. Instead, what I wanted to focus on what a culture of egocentricity, of a growing sense of selfishness. 


Key Messages: Be open to listening to others, especially if they hold a different view to you; be supportive of those around you; don’t fall for the ‘us’ vs ‘them’ mentality


Topics we’re discussing today include:

  • Individualism vs collectivism
  • Rise of narcissism
  • Minimal group paradigms (i.e ‘us’ vs ‘them’ mentality)
  • Polarization of politics
  • Stu’s favourite quotes from books he’s read
  • Where do we go from here


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