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Episode #18 - Breaking Down the Planet of the Humans Documentary

May 1, 2020

EPISODE #18!! It's been a controversial week in the environmentalism sphere, with the release of the Planet of the Humans documentary. The response has been swift and polarizing, with both "sides" attacking the other, and accusations replacing civil debate. We're putting our two cents in on various topics relating to the documentary and it's response. 


Key Message: The solution is sufficiency. It’s having your basic needs met, and being at peace and harmony with both yourself and the world we live in.


Some of the points we cover:

- What is the documentary about?

- Our thoughts on the messages presented

- Rebuttal to some of the key points

- What triggered me?

- Media literacy, critique and debate

- When does the promotion of false information become more important than its consequences

- Emotional intelligence & the requirement for media-literacy 

- Has the polarization triggered by the film negatively affected the progress and collaboration that we so desperately need? (and that the Directors themselves have called for?)

- Hopium

- Where do we go from here? (It’s not back to the hunter/gatherer days)


Full show notes and further reading links at Episode #18

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