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Episode #23 - Science Waits For No-One with Jessie

May 20, 2020

We have another incredible guest to share with you in Episode #23 - the amazing Jessie MacAlpine! Jessie gives us a dive into the world of being a science researcher and science communicator, what that means on a day-to-day basis, as well as what she thinks some of the major challenges facing science might be. 


Key Message: Science waits for no-one, stay curious and stay skeptical


Just some of the topics we touch on in this fascinating episode:

- A graduate student's work-life balance

- What a microbiologist actually does

- Why we lose interest in science as we get older

- Importance of support & encouragement

- Engaging students in science

- The challenge of finding funding

- Difference between academic research & industry

- Importance of fungal research

- How fungi affect us all

- Finding motivation

- Dealing with failure

- Seeing the bigger picture

- The biggest issues facing science



Jessie guest stars on a children's TV show:

Blynk & Aazoo


See all the Canadian student science fair projects here:

Youth Science Canada - Online STEM Fair


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