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Episode #24 - The Joys of Modern Dating with Heather and Katlyn

May 25, 2020

For Episode #24, Tom and Stu are joined by the wonderful Heather & Katlyn to talk about the joys of modern dating in the 21st Century. We get the girls to share with us the challenges they face using dating apps, what they look for from a guy, and how ghosting isn't as carefree as it seems. 

Key Message: Dating is hard, and apps don't make that easier

Some of the topics we touch on:

- Meeting on dating apps

- Being a different person online

- How well do you know yourself?

- How good is an algorithm?

- The Paradox of Choice

- Finding "the One" versus finding "a One" and making it work

- Why are we on dating apps?

- Being ghosted

- What makes a good profile?

- Being a strong, independent woman

Further Reading:

A funny read on the current state of modern dating can be had here: 

Preview — Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari

11 Things We Learned From Aziz Ansari's Modern Romance 

  1. People used to just marry the nearest decent person.
  2. They were also more likely to settle for companionate marriages.
  3. But now, modern love-seekers are hyper-focused on finding their soulmate.
  4. “Emerging adulthood” also means people are getting married later and later.
  5. Technology is making us too picky.
  6. Text and instant messaging suuuuuuuucks. (Makes us lazy)
  7. The “secretary problem” is killing romance. (Never actually making concrete plans, no commitment to meeting in person)
  8. Nothing kills a lady-boner like vagueness…
  9. …except for maybe poor spelling and grammar.
  10. Most dudes are bozos…
  11. …but there are still some non-bozos left!

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