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Episode #25 - We’re Being Hacked by Tech Companies

May 29, 2020

We’ve made it to 25 episodes, well on our way to our target of 100! To celebrate, we’re talking about one of the most fundamental issues facing our society, how humans get hacked by technology companies and why that matters. It’s a conversation that follows on from Episode #22 - Always Connected, but this time, we dive deeper into how these technology companies actually grab and maintain our attention, why that impacts the direction society takes, and how do we fight against it. We’re talking about societal-wide manipulation of the human psyche, resulting in unintentional changes within our personal lives that goes against what we think we are actually looking for.


Key Message: We can’t win the fight against a supercomputer every time, but we can become more conscious of our own vulnerabilities to mitigate their influence


A summary of our conversational pathway:

  • Definition of The Hackable Animal
  • How technology companies hack our subconscious
  • Why is this a bad thing for me?
  • What this means for society in general
  • What can we do for society to ensure we head in the right direction
  • What can we do in our personal lives to better take control


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