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Episode #26 - Being Better Feminists with Kaley and Sarah

June 1, 2020

Wow! Do we have a treat for you in Episode #26?? We're joined in this episode by the absolutely incredibly Kaley Ames & Sarah Sahagian to discuss being better feminists. These two amazing women are co-hosts of a brilliant podcast on modern dating called You Do You: A Dating Podcast, and both have fascinating education and work experience in the feminist arena. This is a topic that Tom and Stu could never feel able to weigh in on with our own opinions as it's not something we face personally, our privilege is very much recognizable, so we are very grateful for both Kaley & Sarah for having this conversation with us. 



Key Message: Feminism is for us all, as we look to pursue equality and fairness in a better world of tomorrow. 


 We cover some pretty interesting topics in this one conversation:

- What is feminism?

- A feminists approach to dating

- The role of socialism in the feminism movement

- Harm reduction vs revolutionary change

- Virtue signalling

- The impact of the education system on feminist values

- How the patriarchy affects men

- Progressive mentors

- The power of words

- Micro-aggressions faced by women in daily life


If you'd like to take control of your love life and listen to a hilarious and yet very informative podcast on modern dating, please check out the You Do You: A Dating Podcast co-hosted by both Sarah and Kaley!


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