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Episode #27 - Embracing our Freedom of Expression to Talk Censorship

June 12, 2020

In Episode #27, Tom and Stu are discussing the concept of Freedom of Expression and Censorship. Now more than ever, we must be cautious of overreach by governments and technology companies, as they look to combat the rise in misinformation amid worldwide protests, civil uprising and the COVID-19 pandemic. Our freedom of speech and expression is a basic human right, however, it is clear that technology companies aren’t doing enough to protect individuals and society at large. As more and more pressure is placed on these institutions, to take responsibility for moderating the content on their platform, we find ourselves walking the tightrope that is democratic society’s requirement in allowing for open debate while also protecting vulnerable communities & promoting equality for all. 


Key Message: To protect our basic human right to freedom of expression, we must ensure TRANSPARENCY, CONSISTENCY, CLARITY & PRECISION is inherently embraced in censorship policies within both government & technology institutions


Some of the questions and topics we cover throughout the episode:

  • What is freedom of expression?
  • What is censorship?
  • What isn’t meant by freedom of expression?
  • Free speech vs hate speech
  • Why freedom of expression is fundamental to democracy
  • The United Nations framework for protecting human rights
  • Facebook Moderators 
  • Difference between Government & Technology company obligations


Full show notes can be found at including further reading resources on this topic. 


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