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Episode #31 - Exploring the Universe with Mubdi

July 15, 2020

For Episode #31 we are joined by the incredible Mubdi Rahman, an Astronomer with the Dunlap Institute in Toronto, Canada to discuss the value of scientific research and the exploration of the cosmos and human nature. 


Key Message: The best of science tells stories, and Love Actually is a brilliant movie!

“Astronomers have spotted the most jam-packed cluster of young supermassive stars ever seen in the Milky Way galaxy, including hundreds of the most massive types of stars that are dozens of times heavier than our sun.” - 


Some of the ideas we cover in this episode:


  • What is astronomy?
  • Why is STEM communication and development important in school?
  • How do you stay motivated without any guarantee of success?
  • Why astrophysics is important to the everyday person
  • What are some of the challenges of science communication
  • A Picture in a 1000 words
  • What’s up with black holes and dark matter?
  • What role can religion play in scientific research?
  • Why teaching history is important

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