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Episode #35 - Building The Life We Live With Mitch

August 10, 2020

We’re onto Episode #35 and we’re chatting with the architectural wonder that is Mitchell Hattersley! One of Tom’s mates from schooling years in the UK, Mitch has made a name for himself in the architectural world, and now lives in LA specializing in the fanciest of buildings.  


Key Message: There is a lot to be optimistic about, we just have to fight for it.  


What we talk about in this episode:

  • Why study architecture
  • Creating feeling with building design
  • Pros and cons of working as an architect
  • What the creative process looks like
  • Sustainability in modern architecture
  • 3D printing a shipping container-sized house
  • Morality of design work
  • US vs UK: differences, similarities
  • Why moving to LA made sense
  • How the educational system and career counsellors created misrepresentation
  • All things politics
  • Optimism for the future


Who is Mitch?

Mitch is an Architectural Designer who specialises in high-end, custom homes & retail stores. He is currently based in the sunny city of Los Angeles, California. 


You can follow Mitch’s work at the below links:





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