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Episode #37 - Getting Passionate About Sir David

October 28, 2020

Hello everyone, hope you’re all good and keeping well during this time!

Episode 37 is now live and available for you all to listen to on the website, YouTube and on all major podcasting platforms. In this week’s episode, we’re talking about the new film made by international treasure and naturalist David Attenborough - ‘A Life On Our Planet’.

We discuss the effect that watching the documentary had on us from the visual aesthetic right through to the content and message of the documentary. We look at the science and predictions made by Attenborough in the documentary and discuss our respective decision making processes in adopting plant-based diets. We look at the criticisms put forward and solutions offered by the documentary and offer our view on where such scrutiny doesn’t go far enough. We both encourage you all to watch the documentary and see if you agree with what we’ve had to any here.

The message of the documentary is unambiguous and one that we are fully behind. We need to change our behaviours on an individual basis in terms of our diet and consumerism and work collectively to raise people out of poverty, provide free education, transition to renewable energy and in our view go reconfigure our values to go beyond a system which demands exponential growth on a planet with finite resources and creates unacceptable levels of inequality and poverty.

We need to do these things not to save the planet or the natural world, but ultimately to save ourselves.

We hope that you enjoy this episode of the podcast and please remember that what we do here is about starting a conversation, it is a two-way street. As much as it is a platform upon which we express ourselves and talk about issues that we see as a problem it is also an invitation for you to engage with us so that we can learn from you. So, as always, you can get in touch with us by email, leave a comment or message us directly; we always love hearing from and learning from you.

Cheers everyone!

Tom and Stu ✌🏼

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