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Episode #38 - Why Our Democracy Is Broken

November 4, 2020

It’s Episode #38 and we’re talking about why our democracy is broken in today’s episode. In light of the current US election shit show that’s going on, the protests that have been happening through the year, and with many other elections being held around the world, we thought it was a good time to discuss the concept of democracy that so many of us take for granted, and for which, there is plenty to discuss. 


Key Message: Fight for increased accountability & transparency, and look for ways to introduce democracy into the non-political sphere (i.e in the workplace). 


Some of the topics we’re touching on today:

  • What is democracy?
  • Capitalism and democracy
  • The impact of voting systems
  • Inverted totalitarianism
  • Democracy in the workplace
  • The challenges facing democracy
  • How do we begin to fix it?
  • A plea for change


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