Tom, Stu & You Podcast

Episode #40 - Living Our Best Lives with Topanga

November 25, 2020

We’re living our best lives in this conversation with the wonderful Topanga on Episode #40 of the Tom, Stu and You Podcast. Topanga matched with Stu on Bumble a few months ago, and after months of hilarious chats, they decided to share their wisdom with people in a podcast episode. We cover quite a few different topics in this chat, so sit back, and enjoy the sounds of our beautiful voices as you try not to fall asleep (if you know, you know! haha).   


Key Message: Remember to take the time to check in with yourself, and look after others where you can. 


What we talk about in this episode:

  • Finding love online
  • Long distance emotional support
  • Societal pressure to be settled down
  • Importance of a fresh start
  • Living life for yourself
  • What is life like in NYC
  • When those you love have different political opinions to your own
  • Why Topanga embraces the hustle vs living life now
  • Finding work you love
  • Setting loose goals for life
  • What makes a good manager


Who is Topanga?

Topanga updated her location on bumble to Toronto and it led her to this podcast. She’s a career-focused woman in NYC, with a fresh start on the horizon in Chicago. If you’re looking to rebrand, for a good laugh or to simply make a friend in the U.S. - she’s your girl.


You can check out Topanga’s life at the below links:


Thank you! 

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