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Episode #43 - What is Socialism with Robin Clapp

February 15, 2021

Episode #43, our second of 2021, and it’s our most comprehensive episode yet! We chat to the incredible Robin Clapp about socialism, the current state of the political movement, its leadership challenges and why he’s still optimistic about youth in politics. Heads up, this is a long episode but if you’ve ever felt curious about socialism and want to learn more, Robin is a fascinating storyteller and the most knowledgeable guest we could have possibly found to discuss this topic. 


Key Message: Socialism is a form of activism that’s necessary for a better world. We just need to go to where the workers are.   


What we talk about in this episode:

  • Robin’s political journey to socialism
  • Why socialism
  • What socialism is
  • Break the ‘Us vs Them’ mentality
  • Challenges facing socialism
  • How do we get from Capitalism to Socialism
  • Socialism as activism
  • The importance of leadership
  • Marxism & Capital
  • Labour in the UK
  • Youth in politics


Further Resources


Who is Robin?

Robin has been a socialist since 1973 after witnessing his father lose 3 jobs in 12 months as a result of a massive recession. He currently sits on the National Committee of the Socialist Party of England and Wales. Full bio at Robin Clapp | Tom, Stu and You


You can follow Robin’s work at the below links:



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