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Episode #5 - Just Winging It with Bronnie

February 19, 2020

It's episode #5 already and that means we're releasing these recordings to the Internet, and we'll be influencers in no time right?

Today we're joined by our very first guest, the incredible Bronnie Findlay. 

All of our beautiful podcast artwork was designed and created by this very talented Brit, so who better to ask about the creative process, just winging it, and its importance in modern society. 

Four ingredients of creativity: Space, Time, Trust & Play

Finding flow, how do you get into a creative mindset?

  • Create a space to be creative
  • Find the music that connects with you
  • Get outside sometimes
  • Give yourself time to actually get into it

Thoughts on social media

  • Instragram culture
  • Everyone just becomes the same

Can you teach creativity?

  • Interest in creative process, curiosity in experimenting, most importantly, leave ego at the door and be okay with failing. It’s all about the process, rather than the end result
  • Watching Youtube, reading articles, and studying examples from the great artists among us is great, but it’s only repetition and practice that will actually give you consistent results over time. Don’t get stuck in the trap of consumption over creating. Use consumption to identify new techniques, or new learnings, but then actually get out and put those into practice.

Importance of creativity

  • Why should people spend their spare time being creative
  • Activates different parts of the brain associated with innovative thinking and problem solving
  • Meditative
  • It’s an important part of human culture, that has withstood the test of time
  • When the robots take all of our jobs, what else will there be to do besides build relationships and be creative
How do you start being creative?
  • Just start winging it
  • Practice, practice, practice
  • Be okay with being shit, you'll get better
  • Just enjoy the process

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