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Episode #25 - We’re Being Hacked by Tech Companies

Episode #25 - We’re Being Hacked by Tech Companies

May 29, 2020

We’ve made it to 25 episodes, well on our way to our target of 100! To celebrate, we’re talking about one of the most fundamental issues facing our society, how humans get hacked by technology companies and why that matters. It’s a conversation that follows on from Episode #22 - Always Connected, but this time, we dive deeper into how these technology companies actually grab and maintain our attention, why that impacts the direction society takes, and how do we fight against it. We’re talking about societal-wide manipulation of the human psyche, resulting in unintentional changes within our personal lives that goes against what we think we are actually looking for.


Key Message: We can’t win the fight against a supercomputer every time, but we can become more conscious of our own vulnerabilities to mitigate their influence


A summary of our conversational pathway:

  • Definition of The Hackable Animal
  • How technology companies hack our subconscious
  • Why is this a bad thing for me?
  • What this means for society in general
  • What can we do for society to ensure we head in the right direction
  • What can we do in our personal lives to better take control


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Episode #24 - The Joys of Modern Dating with Heather and Katlyn

Episode #24 - The Joys of Modern Dating with Heather and Katlyn

May 25, 2020

For Episode #24, Tom and Stu are joined by the wonderful Heather & Katlyn to talk about the joys of modern dating in the 21st Century. We get the girls to share with us the challenges they face using dating apps, what they look for from a guy, and how ghosting isn't as carefree as it seems. 

Key Message: Dating is hard, and apps don't make that easier

Some of the topics we touch on:

- Meeting on dating apps

- Being a different person online

- How well do you know yourself?

- How good is an algorithm?

- The Paradox of Choice

- Finding "the One" versus finding "a One" and making it work

- Why are we on dating apps?

- Being ghosted

- What makes a good profile?

- Being a strong, independent woman

Further Reading:

A funny read on the current state of modern dating can be had here: 

Preview — Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari

11 Things We Learned From Aziz Ansari's Modern Romance 

  1. People used to just marry the nearest decent person.
  2. They were also more likely to settle for companionate marriages.
  3. But now, modern love-seekers are hyper-focused on finding their soulmate.
  4. “Emerging adulthood” also means people are getting married later and later.
  5. Technology is making us too picky.
  6. Text and instant messaging suuuuuuuucks. (Makes us lazy)
  7. The “secretary problem” is killing romance. (Never actually making concrete plans, no commitment to meeting in person)
  8. Nothing kills a lady-boner like vagueness…
  9. …except for maybe poor spelling and grammar.
  10. Most dudes are bozos…
  11. …but there are still some non-bozos left!
Episode #23 - Science Waits For No-One with Jessie

Episode #23 - Science Waits For No-One with Jessie

May 20, 2020

We have another incredible guest to share with you in Episode #23 - the amazing Jessie MacAlpine! Jessie gives us a dive into the world of being a science researcher and science communicator, what that means on a day-to-day basis, as well as what she thinks some of the major challenges facing science might be. 


Key Message: Science waits for no-one, stay curious and stay skeptical


Just some of the topics we touch on in this fascinating episode:

- A graduate student's work-life balance

- What a microbiologist actually does

- Why we lose interest in science as we get older

- Importance of support & encouragement

- Engaging students in science

- The challenge of finding funding

- Difference between academic research & industry

- Importance of fungal research

- How fungi affect us all

- Finding motivation

- Dealing with failure

- Seeing the bigger picture

- The biggest issues facing science



Jessie guest stars on a children's TV show:

Blynk & Aazoo


See all the Canadian student science fair projects here:

Youth Science Canada - Online STEM Fair


Episode #22 - The Trouble With Always Being Connected

Episode #22 - The Trouble With Always Being Connected

May 15, 2020

It’s time for Episode #22, and today we’re discussing the issue of always being connected to technology. We introduce the idea of biohacking by technology companies as they compete to obtain our attention, as well as discuss the inability of many of us to leave work at the office. Technology isn’t bad in and of itself, but it takes conscious effort to be sure you’re using it as a tool to promote positive behaviour, rather than letting it take control of your life. 


Key Message: Use technology consciously


A quick summary of what we talk about today:

  • Life before the Internet
  • Biohacking
  • Work-life balance
  • Disconnecting
  • Being disrupted by a notification
  • Humane technology
  • Losing patience
  • Benefits of technology
  • Having meaningful conversations

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Episode #21 - The Benefits of Mentorship & Reflection with Austin

Episode #21 - The Benefits of Mentorship & Reflection with Austin

May 11, 2020

It's our 21st episode and we're joined by the incredible Austin Sawyer! He's been a mate of Stu's for the past couple of years, and never fails to impress with the work he does and the quality of his character. We talk on this episode about the benefits of mentorship & reflection, and enjoy plenty of laughs along the way. Enjoy!


Key Message: the right mentor can literally change your life; there is always something to learn from every experience


Here are some of the topics we cover in our conversation with Austin:

- Discovering a love of science

- The importance of teachers & mentors

- How to find a mentor

- The value of reflection

- Turning plans into action

- Why the education system doesn't prepare you for life

- Risking it all for the start-up dream

- Finding inspiration

- Becoming a mentor


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Episode #20 - Profound Internet Questions

Episode #20 - Profound Internet Questions

May 7, 2020

EPISODE #20!! WOW that came around quickly! We wanted to do something a bit more personal to celebrate reaching this milestone in only 4 short months of recording a podcast, so today we're attempting to answer profound Internet questions. Some are funny, some are boring, some are very personal but all were interesting for us at least. Enjoy!


Key Message: Embrace being you!


Full list of questions answered can be found on

Episode #19 - Seeking Opportunity with Clare

Episode #19 - Seeking Opportunity with Clare

May 4, 2020

After some technical difficulties, it's time to publish Episode #19! Today we're joined by Clare to talk about seeking opportunity and the wonderful adventures that has brought to our lives. This was such a fun conversation, and Clare is seriously such an amazing person. We hope you smile as much as we did while recording it!


Key Message: change is hard, but that's what makes it an adventure!


Here are a few of the topics we cover in today's episode:

- Trekking in Outback Australia

- Just getting a university degree to prove you can

- Moving to Canada

- Finding "the One" - the love of her life

- Reinventing yourself

- Love of nature

- Finding that dream job

- Living intentionally

- Seeing opportunity wherever you can


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Episode #18 - Breaking Down the Planet of the Humans Documentary

Episode #18 - Breaking Down the Planet of the Humans Documentary

May 1, 2020

EPISODE #18!! It's been a controversial week in the environmentalism sphere, with the release of the Planet of the Humans documentary. The response has been swift and polarizing, with both "sides" attacking the other, and accusations replacing civil debate. We're putting our two cents in on various topics relating to the documentary and it's response. 


Key Message: The solution is sufficiency. It’s having your basic needs met, and being at peace and harmony with both yourself and the world we live in.


Some of the points we cover:

- What is the documentary about?

- Our thoughts on the messages presented

- Rebuttal to some of the key points

- What triggered me?

- Media literacy, critique and debate

- When does the promotion of false information become more important than its consequences

- Emotional intelligence & the requirement for media-literacy 

- Has the polarization triggered by the film negatively affected the progress and collaboration that we so desperately need? (and that the Directors themselves have called for?)

- Hopium

- Where do we go from here? (It’s not back to the hunter/gatherer days)


Full show notes and further reading links at Episode #18

Episode #17 - A Queen’s Choice - Art vs Skiing with Bryony

Episode #17 - A Queen’s Choice - Art vs Skiing with Bryony

April 27, 2020

Welcome to Episode #17 where the Queen herself, Bryony Toon joins us to discuss her love of skiing and art, while living in the beautiful Banff National Park, Canada. 


Key Message: just do it, practice makes perfect, a different perspective=fresh eyes


Despite a couple of nerves at the start, it was awesome to hear the passion Bryony has for her two main loves, Skiing and Art. We talk about:

- her love of skiing

- choosing lifestyle over money

- where her love of art comes from

- wood burning extraordinaire

- how to stay motivated

- where her inspiration comes from

- developing your art

- finding a fresh perspective during the creative process

- where art lies in the education system

Episode #16 - Why A Culture Of Individualism Might Ruin Our Chance For A Future

Episode #16 - Why A Culture Of Individualism Might Ruin Our Chance For A Future

April 23, 2020

It’s episode #16 and originally we thought we should focus this episode on individualism but there are plenty of positives to individualism, I didn’t want people thinking we were against the philosophical, political or psychological definition of the word. Instead, what I wanted to focus on what a culture of egocentricity, of a growing sense of selfishness. 


Key Messages: Be open to listening to others, especially if they hold a different view to you; be supportive of those around you; don’t fall for the ‘us’ vs ‘them’ mentality


Topics we’re discussing today include:

  • Individualism vs collectivism
  • Rise of narcissism
  • Minimal group paradigms (i.e ‘us’ vs ‘them’ mentality)
  • Polarization of politics
  • Stu’s favourite quotes from books he’s read
  • Where do we go from here


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